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Moulin Rouge The musical artwork

all about theatre four star review

This year for my 40th Birthday my husband and I took a little trip to London with a plan to see as many shows as possible, at the top of my list of shows I wanted to see was Moulin Rouge because the pictures I had seen of the set looked incredible and I had heard great things about it.

The Stage show Moulin Rouge is currently playing at the Piccadilly theatre in London's West End and it is based on the Baz Luhrmann 2001 movie musical of the same name. The stage show however features different songs than the movie, it is still a juke box musical which mashes up and mixes together well known songs but they have included some more modern songs. The show actually features an amazing 75 songs including hits such as Lady GaGa's Bad Romance, Britney Spears Toxic & Katie Perry's Firework to name just a few.

The set of the Moulin Rouge at the piccadilly theatre london

Moulin rouge is set in 1899 Belle Epoque Paris and tells the love story between Christian (Jamie Muscato) a young American composer and Satine (Melissa James) a star performer at the Moulin Rouge.

The Moulin Rouge club is going bankrupt and the clubs owner Harold Zidler (Matt Rixon) is willing to do whatever it takes to save it. Zidler arranges for Satine to meet with a wealthy Duke in the hopes she will be able to entice him into putting up the money to save the club. Satine ends up mistaking Christian for the Duke and falls for his charms. Satine does eventually meet with the Duke and he agrees to put up the money to save the Moulin Rouge but he wants Satine in exchange. The Duke is not the only obstacle in Christian and Satine's relationship they also have to face a Bohemian revolution and a terminal illness.

production shot from the west end production of moulin rouge

This show is such a spectacle from the minute you step foot into the auditorium as you are greeted by a giant Elephant on the Left hand side of the auditorium and a windmill on the righthand side, there are red velvet drapes and chandelier's hanging from the ceiling and a pre show which includes performers in cages on both sides of the dress circle and performers walking across the stage. This really help to set the scene and the atmosphere for the show as you really felt like you are in the Moulin Rouge club.

production shot from the west end production of moulin rouge

The set design by Derek Mclane is outstanding and really brings each scene to life and is just visually stunning. The lighting design by Justin Townsend works really well along side the decadent set to make you feel like you have been transported in to the heart off the moulin Rouge club. The costumes by Catherine Zuber are wonderful, they are bright colourful, sexy but also elegant and theatrical. The combination of set, lighting and costume design along with all the pyrotechnics creates a visually stunning and breath taking display.

production shot from the west end production of moulin rouge

The cast for this show was just excellent, we did have understudies on for The Duke (Craig Ryder), Santiago (Taofique Folarin) La Chocolate (Siobhan James) & Aribia (Melissa Nettleford) and all performed brilliantly in their roles.

The Stand Out performer for me was Jamie Muscato as Christian, he was able to bring charm and charisma to the role and he has such an amazing voice, a highlight for me was his rendition of Roxanne. I also really enjoyed Malissa James as Satine her vocals were impressive and I thought she had wonderful chemistry with Muscato.

production shot from the west end production of moulin rouge

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this musical were the big dance numbers, which were all choreographed brilliantly by Sonya Tayeh and incorporated a variety of dance styles. It really created such a spectacle and was just visually stunning to see these amazingly choreographed dance numbers performed by such a talented ensemble.

production shot from the west end production of moulin rouge

Moulin rouge is a high energy show and a huge spectacle with all its pyrotechnics, decadent set and costumes & amazing dance numbers, its a very glitzy and glamours show and makes for a very fun night out at the theatre. This show is probably the most visually stunning production I have seen on the West End. The only thing I feel lets the show down a bit is the actual story, I just feel it is a little bit lacking however everything else about the show is fantastic and so I would rate this as a Four Star show.

Moulin Rouge is currently running at the Piccadilly Theatre in London's West End

you can find out more about the production and purchase tickets by clicking on the button below.

Photo Credit - Johan Persson & Matt Crockett


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