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The Good enough mums club artwork

All About Theatre Four Star Review

The Good Enough Mums Club is a musical created by book writer and lyricist Emily Beecher. Emily Suffered with postnatal depression and psychosis after the birth of her daughter, after receiving treatment her therapist suggested that writing about her experience might be helpful so that's what she did.  As Emily shared her story with other mums, they in turn shared their stories of motherhood with her. Emily collected up all the stories she had heard over the past 10 years and used them and her own experiences to create the Good Enough Mums Club.

The Good Enough Mums Club production photo

Co-directed by Sarah Meadows and Michelle Payne the musical tells the story of 5 mothers who meet up every week at their local community centre playgroup. The women all have different backgrounds and lifestyles but they all have one thing in common they are all mothers and they bond over their motherhood experiences.  We soon discover that each mother has their own individual struggles and insecurities these include, postnatal depression, postnatal psychosis, racism and child loss.  When the council threatens to close the playgroup due to cuts the mothers work together to find a solution, in the process they discover that being good enough is best.

The Good Enough Mums Club production photo

The set was designed by Libby Todd and was simple but effective, it really did look like a community centre playgroup with a little kitchen area for the mums to make their tea & coffee, a dedicated space for all the prams/buggies, colourful cupboards for storing the toys in and a little table and chairs for the children and mums to sit at.

The musical numbers were good with a range of styles being used from the hilarious comedic opening number "nine months" which was a parody of Chicago's "Cell Block Tango" to some emotional ballads and a Happy and you know it sing-a-long.  Although the songs were good and help to tell the story they weren't that memorable and I didn't leave the theatre thinking I need to hear those songs again. 

The Good Enough Mums Club production photo

The show has an excellent ensemble cast all of whom are mothers themselves. Playing uppity group leader Bea we have Joanna Kirkland who gave a strong performance and had excellent comic timing.  Jade Samuels played down to earth mum Chantelle who was just hilarious and she had excellent comic timing. Playing mum Sophie, we had Amy Ross and she came across really relatable and gave a moving performance.  Michelle a mum of twin boys was played by Rebecca Bernice Amissah she had a great voice and I loved her solo song.  Belinda Wollaston played new mum Esme and she again gave a really strong and moving performance.  All five women worked really well together on stage and you really believed in their relationships with one another.

The Good Enough Mums Club production photo

The Good Enough Mums Club is a great new musical with an excellent cast and a story which has a lot of heart and is a true celebration of motherhood showcasing the good and the bad moments and lets mothers know that its ok to just be Good Enough.

The Good Enough Mums Club is on at The Lowry until Saturday 2nd December 2023 you can purchase tickets by clicking on the button below.

If you would like more information about the musical and see where it will be touring to please click the button below.

Photo Credit - Pamela Raith

*Our tickets for this show were kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review


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