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Dada Masilo: the Sacrifice Artwork

all about theatre 4 star review

Dada Masilo: The Sacrifice is a dance show by the award winning South African Choreographer Dada Masilo, who is famous for her reimagining of classic pieces such as Swan lake & Giselle.

This piece has been inspired by Stravinsky's The Rite Of Spring and fuses contemporary dance with the traditional Tswana Dance of Botswana. Tswana dance is inspired by small animals such as the Meerkat so the movement is often quick and fast. The Sacrifice explores rituals & shows a community preparing for the sacrifice of a woman for the greater good of it's people. In this piece the sacrifice does not dance herself to death but is sacrificed by her mother and dies in her mothers embrace which is a very powerful and emotional scene.

Dada Masilo: The sacrifice production shot

The show features an original score by Violinist Leroy Mapholo, Pianist Nathi Shongwe a percussionist & Singer Ann Masina ( her voice is just outstanding) and the music really helps to bring this piece to life. The band is visible at the side of the stage throughout the performance and the music they created for this is just beautiful.

Dada Masilo: The sacrifice the on stage band

The set for this was very simple with just a clear stage with a screen behind the dancers, images of trees where them projected on to the screen. This was a great choice as it meant you were not distracted from the dance itself. The costumes the dancer wore again were beautifully simple and they moved beautifully with the dancers movements.

Dada Masilo: The sacrifice production shot

Dada Masilo's the sacrifice is a stunning piece of dance which takes you on an emotional journey and has a hauntingly beautiful score, it's a show not to be missed.

Photo Credit - Tristram Kenton

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