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The 100 Story Hotel Art Work

All About Theatre Five Star Review

A Magical Adventure at the 100 Story Hotel!

Our family had the most enchanting experience at the 100 Story Hotel at Z-arts in Manchester! This interactive world of play and storytelling, designed by the brilliant Rob Biddulph, captivated both our children and us from the moment we arrived.

We were greeted in the hotel's whimsical garden by Gertie, the fairy gardener, who immediately drew us into the magical narrative. Gertie explained that the hotel holds 100 stories, with bears, monkeys, and penguins awaiting us inside. He even had a special dinosaur spray to keep any rogue dinos at bay!

The Lobby in the 100story hotel at Z-arts in Manchester

As we listened, a mysterious crashing noise echoed from within the hotel. Intrigued, we followed Gertie into the hotel lobby, a fantastical space with books hanging from the ceiling, a reception desk with a phone, and penguin porters adorning the walls. Clive the polar bear concierge stood near a giant hole in the wall—apparently, the 100th story had been stolen, and it was up to us to find the culprit!

Armed with magnifying glasses and clipboards, the children set off on their detective adventure. The hotel was a treasure trove of interactive rooms, each themed around Rob Biddulph's beloved books.

The Grrrrr! Lounge in the 100story hotel at Z-arts in Manchester

The Grrrrr! Lounge had the kids singing and dancing with the Growl-o-meter, while the swimming pool room, inspired by "Sunk," featured a pirate ship ring toss, a fish basketball hoop, and a treasure map leading to a chest of dress-up clothes. My daughter Alice loved dressing up as a pirate, but there were mermaid costumes too!

In the dinosaur-themed bedroom inspired by the book "Wide Awake," the kids played with soft toy dinosaurs and admired a glowing dinosaur egg. They even dressed up as little dinosaurs themselves! The laundry room, security room, and Zog's Emporium shop added more layers of fun with imaginative play and quirky details.

A Pirate themed room in the 100story hotel at Z-arts in Manchester

The sushi restaurant in the igloo room was a hit, especially with its toy sushi matching game and a silver penguin statue to throw balls into. The room inspired by "Peanut and Jones" had a writing desk where the kids could post their drawings and notes, adding a personal touch to the adventure. The beach area with a juice bar and tennis court with giant balls provided the perfect ending to our exploration.

A roomed themed on the book peanut and Jones in the 100story hotel at Z-arts in Manchester

As our time drew to a close, Gertie gathered the children by the lift to reveal if they had discovered who stole the 100th story. I'm proud to say we solved the mystery, but no spoilers here! The grand finale was in the garden, where Gertie announced that our adventure was so extraordinary that the hotel would now be known as the 101 Story Hotel.

A juice bar in the beach area in the 100story hotel at Z-arts in Manchester

At £9.98 per ticket for both adults and children, the 100 Story Hotel offers an hour of pure joy and creativity for families. Highly recommended for anyone with young children who love stories, adventures, and a dash of magic!

The 100 Story Hotel is accepting reservations up to the 20th of July 2024. To book your tickets, please click the button below.


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