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all about theatre 5 star rating

The Time Traveller's Wife had it's world premier at the Storyhouse in Chester & I was lucky enough to be invited to it's press night to review the show.

The Time Traveller's Wife is based on the Novel by Audrey Niffenegger & the Newline Cinema film screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin. I haven't read the novel but i have seen the movie and also some of the TV series so I had an idea of what the story would be.

For the musical the book is by Lauren Gunderson & the music and lyrics by Joss Stone & David Stewart (Erasure). David Stewart also did the music and lyrics for Ghost The Musical which is one of my favourite musicals so I was really excited to see what he had come up with for this musical. Having now seen the musical I can say that some of the songs did remind me a bit of Ghost.

This musical actually reminded me a lot of Ghost & coincidentally Bruce Joel Rubin wrote the screen plays for both movies and he also wrote the book & lyrics for Ghost the musical. The producer for the Time Travellers wife is Colin Ingram and he actually produced Ghost the musical as well.

The Time Traveller's Wife tells the story of Clare (Joanna Woodward) & Henry (David Hunter), Henry is a Librarian who is also a time traveller which means he gets involuntarily pulled through time into his past, present or future. Meanwhile Clare is an artist who has been visited by Henry throughout her life, when Clare and Henry eventually meat in real time they end up falling in love and getting married. However the problems and complexities of a relationship are multiplied by the fact that Henry can disappear at any moment and Clare has no idea when he will return so they are continually out of sync with one another.

the time travellers wife musical, Henry and Clare embracing

I loved this musical all the songs were great & I really hope we get a cast recording as I would love to listen to all the songs again. I'm not sure if I can pick a favourite song but Masterpiece & The Story of love were quite catchy. It was Joanna Woodward who gave the vocal performance of the night for me, she has a truly beautiful voice.

The set for this show was amazing, they used a revolve which would turn to reveal a new set which I thought was really clever and they had a lot of different sets. The show also used a lot of projection technology which was used superbly. There is a scene in the show that shows what its like for Henry traveling through time and it was visually stunning & I have never seen anything like it in a theatre.

The show featured some illusion work which was done by Chris Fisher (Back to the Future & Harry Potter & The Cursed Child) & he did an amazing job of making time travel a reality on stage.

The cast for this show was outstanding David Hunter & Joanna Woodward in the lead roles were excellently cast 7 I loved their portrayal of Henry & Clare. I really hope this show gets a West End transfer as it deserves to be seen by a bigger audience & I really want to see the show again.

The Time Traveller's Wife is visually stunning with a lot of heart which is why it is a Five star show for me.

the time travellers wife musical, Henry and Clare embracing

The Time Travellers Wife will be opening at the Apollo Theatre London in October 2023

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*Our tickets for this show were kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review


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